Thursday, 15 October 2015

Update & Apologies

Update & Apologies

Hey everyone!

As the title of the post goes, this is an update along with an apology. The apology being that I haven't been posting much recently apart from memes and I'm sorry about that. I've just been not in the mood to blog lately for some reason and well my reading has been up and down too. I've been in this mood of starting quite a number of books, but not being able to get past the first quarter, not because the book isn't good, just because I want to start something else and it's just been really weird. I've gone through this type of phase before though so I'm sure it'll clear itself up soon. But anyway ya, I think I've started 10 books now that I have to finish....

Aside from that I think I'm going to participate in Dewey's 24hr Read-A-Thon! It starts for me at 1pm on Saturday October 17th and runs for 24hrs. This will be my first Dewey's 24hr Read-A-Thon and I'm really excited to participate. I've just got to pick a TBR right now.

Then I have some awesome news! I'm going to the first ever YA Convention in Ireland later this month and I literally cannot wait to go! It'll be my first ever convention too so excitement everywhere! You can definitely be sure that I'll be posting all about my first convention journey and all that stuff after the event.

Lastly, this is not book related, but damn I have been addicted to listening to Halsey's new album Badlands all because of whittynovels Youtube video. But I just love every track, And I have Marianas Trench's new album on pre-order too! It's coming out the end of this month too and I can't wait!!

But that is it really. I hope to be back on track now soon, get my schedule going and all that. Thank you everyone! 

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