Friday 26 February 2016

Book Review - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)Me Before You

(Me Before You #1)

Author: Jojo Moyes

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Romance. 

Published: 2012

Pages: 481 pages (Paperback) (Penguin)

Read: February 22 2016 - February 26 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.

What Lou doesn't know is she's about to lose her job or that knowing what's coming is what keeps her sane.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he's going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn't know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they're going to change the other for all time.

Book 9/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

I'm sitting here with my laptop, a cosy fire roaring at my back, a bar of chocolate clutching in my hand with my heart just feeling like it is breaking in two. I finished this book just a mere few hours ago and I am still feeling heartbroken and muddled and really I can't get my thoughts fully together for this one so if this review is more rambly than the ones I've written before you know why.

I went into this book after watching the movie trailer. (I will be seeing this movie in the cinema!! I will!) As soon as I started this book I knew I would love it. I felt attached to Louisa Clark almost immediately. I loved her as a character and I just thought that she was so connectable. In ways she reminded me of myself.

Then I met Will and from the get go I fell for him, even if Louisa didn't. But I loved Will's dry humour and as we went through the novel, I grew more and more attached to him as his personality came through and we got to see Will as Will and I just, oh God.... Even thinking about him has made the ache in my chest grow much more. 

Nathan and Treena were also very lovable characters in this novel and I just thought that Jojo Moyes did an excellent job at creating such individual characters that were completely connectable and diverse in their own ways. 

She also did a remarkable job at portraying such a heartbreaking story. Because I fell so deep for the characters in this book, he events of the story itself had me wrapped in an emotional whirlwind. I was delighted, falling in love, anger, sad and everything in between. I felt there was no dull moment in this book and I just loved every word on every single page. 

I turned the last page of this book and just had this urge and craving for more. God sake, I need to go get this sequel. I need to know what else is going to happen and where everything will go and I just need more of these characters really.

There was one fault I had with this book though and I can't go into details because of spoilers but let's just say that I wanted more detail towards the end. I know that that would have had me bawling my eyes out completely. But I still very much loved this book and I can't wait to continue on with the sequel as well as look into some of Jojo Moyes other novels too. 

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #6

Wishlist Wednesday #6

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Pen to Paper. This meme is where you showcase one book that is on your wishlist and that you can't wait to get off your wishlist and into your hands.

On my Wishlist Wednesday today is....

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard
Beautiful Broken Things

I was brave
She was reckless
We were trouble

Best friends Caddy and Rosie are inseparable. Their differences have brought them closer, but as she turns sixteen Caddy begins to wish she could be a bit more like Rosie – confident, funny and interesting. Then Suzanne comes into their lives: beautiful, damaged, exciting and mysterious, and things get a whole lot more complicated. As Suzanne’s past is revealed and her present begins to unravel, Caddy begins to see how much fun a little trouble can be. But the course of both friendship and recovery is rougher than either girl realises, and Caddy is about to learn that downward spirals have a momentum of their own.

Since I've heard about this book I have just wanted to dive straight into it. I have been waiting now I think for a few months for this book to release and I just ahhhhh. I really want to read it. I love books about female friendships and this book it's just screaming that it'll be such an amazing read. I believe this book releases in the US tomorrow, don't hold me to that, it could have already been released, but I know it is already out here in Ireland. I have set a day though - March 3rd (World Book Day) - I am going book shopping with my little brother and we are going to buy some books! I haven't bought a book since the first week of January and I've been good getting my TBR pile down too so I think you can expect me to have this book on March 3rd :P 

Have you read this book?? 
Is it on your wishlist??
What have you got on your wishlist??

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #6

Top Ten Tuesday #6

Top Ten Books I Enjoyed In The Past Year That Weren't My Typical Genre.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and consists of them picking a topic each week for us bloggers to list our Top Ten.

The genre I'm going to pick, right here, right now is Contemporary. It was only last year that I found my love for Contemporary novels, before that it was once in a blue moon when I read a Contemporary novel and I never went through a crave for them but that all changed last year and here are the top 10 I've read since then! In no particular order...

1. Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
I think you've all heard the story surrounding this book by now. It was the book that got me reading Contemporary last year. I picked up this book and never looked back with the genre. This book is just plain and simple fantastic, and a definite recommend to everyone that I meet.

2. I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson
Another absolutely fantastic Contemporary novel. I loved this book so much! I even made my friend read it so that I could bring her to go see Jandy Nelson with me and she fell head over heels over this book as much as I did.

3. Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick
What can I say, these books are on this list for a reason and this was a fabulous Contemporary novel even though it did feature much darker themes. 

Since You've Been GoneI'll Give You the SunDrowning Instinct

4. Unbecoming by Jenny Downham
A brilliant novel. Unbecoming was just a slow burning, heart-wrenching novel that I just couldn't put down and still think about to this day. I loved this book so much!

5. Asking For It by Louise O' Neill
Another fantastic novel for its brutal honesty and just the rawness behind this book. This one is a definite must read for everyone.

6. One by Sarah Crossan 
This book is a Contemporary novel as well as being written in verse. It was the first book that I had ever read in verse and I read it all in one sitting. This novel was just a heartbreaking unique story that I think everyone should just go and pick up.

UnbecomingAsking For ItOne

7. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
I don't know what else I can say bar from these books were just amazing!

8. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
I'm still only reading this book but by damn, I know that this on is going to become a favourite. I can feel it in my bones!

All the Bright PlacesMe Before You (Me Before You, #1)

And that is all I've got so far. As you can see I'm still exploring and discovering all time favourites in this genre that I really only began reading last year. What are some of your all time favourite Contemporary books?
What have you on your Top Ten Tuesday?

Monday 22 February 2016

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

Hey guys! Sorry for my disappearance these last few days. I've just not been reading too much as of lately. So I said I'd put up this post so you can all see what I have been currently reading and where I am on them too.

I started a new book yesterday! It was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I'm currently on page 144 which is 29% of the book. 

I've also been reading Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. I picked this book up a while back now and other books just seemed to be getting in my way of reading this one but I'm back reading it again and I'm currently on page 213 which is 55% of the book. 

I have also started but haven't read in a while, A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin, page 106, 11%, The Sin Eater's Daughter by Melinda Salisbury, page 17, 5%, Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor, page 49, 7% and finally Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder, page 28, 6%.

Let me know if you guys have read any of the books I've mentioned here and whether you liked them or not or what opinions you have on these books but please no spoilers! Thanks :)

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Book Review - Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)Crown of Midnight

(Throne of Glass #2)

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic. 

Published: September 2 2014

Pages: 418 pages (Paperback) (Bloomsbury USA Childrens)

Read: February 5 2016 - February 17 2016

Rating: 5 Stars


An assassin's loyalties are always in doubt but her heart never wavers

Assassin Celaena Sardothien won a brutal contest to become the King's Champion. But she is far from loyal to the crown. Though she hides her secret vigilantly, her deadly charade becomes difficult when she realizes she is not the only one seeking justice. No one is above questioning her allegiance—not the Crown Prince Dorian; not Chaol, the Captain of the Guard; not even her best friend, Nehemia, a foreign princess with a rebel heart.

Then, one terrible night, the secrets they have all been keeping lead to an unspeakable tragedy. As Celaena's world shatters, she will be forced to decide once and for all where her true loyalties lie ... and whom she is willing to fight for.

Book 8/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Crown of Midnight is the sequel novel to Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and can we all just take a minute to appreciate the stunning, fabulous, badass cover that this book has. I mean, just wow! And just to get this little tale or rant or whatever you want to call it out of the way now, here goes. I prefer the US coloured background covers to the UK's white background covers and I'm a paperback reader which means that I have to wait a year extra for publication of these books. So yes, I'll be getting Queen of Shadows this September when ya'll be getting Throne of Glass #5. But I don't mind this toomuch because I'll still have a beautiful set of books at the end. I just said I'd add in this extra information here, so everyone knows my situation with this series.

Anyhoo, back to Crown of Midnight and my feels. God help me, I felt so much reading this book. I was so, so, so happy and then I was crushed and shocked and I just don't even know where to stand at the minute. 

Crown of Midnight was a fabulous, fast paced, action filled, assassin bad-assed, amazing sequel. I loved Throne of Glass but Crown of Midnight was just that much more amazing to me. I felt we got to see a lot more of Celaena's true side. We got to see a lot more action and Crown of Midnight was a lot more fast paced than Throne of Glass, I felt. I also loved the way we got to see more of that assassin side of Celaena. This is what and why I went into Throne of Glass and thankfully I got this aspect in Crown of Midnight. 

As I was reading this novel and the story line progressed and I was figuring out just where the story line was going I was skeptical. I was, I will admit it. I wanted Celaena to stay as assassin Celaena but even though I was skeptical, I am curious to see how everything will turn out. I want to see where everything will go, what will happen, how it will all pan out and of course how our main characters are going to progress in this story line. Therefore I am very excited to continue on with Heir of Fire but I may wait a while till the release of Queen of Shadows for me is closer. 

One thing that I was really happy about though, was reading The Assassin's Blade before reading Crown of Midnight. There were so many references to stories within that novella collection. Stories from the red desert, Sam, Arobynn, about the horse, I liked knowing the stories behind those references made within Crown of Midnight.

And that is all I can really say, unless I go into spoilers, or a complete and utter babble about my feelings right at this minute over this book, but I shall not, just know that I was over the moon, only to be crushed to smithereens, but I am still holding hope for that ship of mine and for the friendships that I want to stay intact too. Crown of Midnight, you have scarred me and I will forever hold the events in which happened in this book in my heart, just know that...

Wishlist Wednesday #5

Wishlist Wednesday #5

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Pen to Paper. This meme is where you showcase one book that is on your wishlist and that you can't wait to get off your wishlist and into your hands.

On my Wishlist Wednesday today is....

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer
Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection

The Keeper: A prequel to the Lunar Chronicles, showing a young Scarlet and how Princess Selene came into the care of Michelle Benoit.

Glitches: In this prequel to Cinder, we see the results of the plague play out, and the emotional toll it takes on Cinder. Something that may, or may not, be a glitch….

The Queen’s Army: In this prequel to Scarlet, we’re introduced to the army Queen Levana is building, and one soldier in particular who will do anything to keep from becoming the monster they want him to be.

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: Thirteen-year-old Carswell Thorne has big plans involving a Rampion spaceship and a no-return trip out of Los Angeles.

After Sunshine Passes By: In this prequel to Cress, we see how a nine-year-old Cress ended up alone on a satellite, spying on Earth for Luna.

The Princess and the Guard: In this prequel to Winter, we see a young Winter and Jacin playing a game called the Princess and the Guard…

The Little Android: A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles.

The Mechanic: In this prequel to Cinder, we see Kai and Cinder’s first meeting from Kai’s perspective.

Something Old, Something New: In this epilogue to Winter, friends gather for the wedding of the century… 

I really can't wait to get my hands on this book! Usually I'm not a person to read novella but when hey become printed and when they are part of one of my favourite series of all time then there's no second guessing it! I will be getting these novellas and hopefully soon!! I just want to go back into this world and all of these little stories sound so interestng.... Ahhh! I can't wait!

Have you read this book?? 
Is it on your wishlist??
What have you got on your wishlist??

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Book Review - You by Caroline Kepnes

You (You, #1)You

(You #1)

Author: Caroline Kepnes

Genres: Adult, Thriller. 

Published: June 18 2015

Pages: 422 pages (Paperback) (Simon & Schuster)

Read: January 23 2016 - February 1 2016

Rating: 3 Stars

When a beautiful, aspiring writer strides into the East Village bookstore where Joe Goldberg works, he does what anyone would do: he Googles the name on her credit card.

There is only one Guinevere Beck in New York City. She has a public Facebook account and Tweets incessantly, telling Joe everything he needs to know: she is simply Beck to her friends, she went to Brown University, she lives on Bank Street, and she’ll be at a bar in Brooklyn tonight—the perfect place for a “chance” meeting.

As Joe invisibly and obsessively takes control of Beck’s life, he orchestrates a series of events to ensure Beck finds herself in his waiting arms. Moving from stalker to boyfriend, Joe transforms himself into Beck’s perfect man, all while quietly removing the obstacles that stand in their way—even if it means murder.

Book 7/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

**To begin I apologize for my language in the following review.**

I picked up You because of the buzz that it was creating in the blogger and booktube community. I also picked it up because it interested me. I was interested in reading a book told in the point of view of a stalker. I was interested in reading the thriller of the year. 

But I was disappointed. I was disappointed for a few reasons. To start, a book labelled thriller of the year should have thrilled me but it didn't. I felt that it lacked in that area. Yes, it was thrilling to read something that could so easily happen. Trust me, after reading this book I'll be paranoid around everyone I meet but I still wanted more. Perhaps I wanted more gruesome details, more scheming, more cunning. I just wanted to be thrilled more. That was a major fault for me, was my quiet feeling of indifference. 

The other reason that could have led to that feeling though was my hatred for the characters. I know that hating Joe was all part of the plan. He was after all the bad guy and I hated what he did. Like I am one of those people who like a good dark, twisted character but Joe was just a pain in the ass. He was just so sick and twisted but I couldn't like his personality either. From the very beginning my hatred for Joe just simmered and started to grow. But I also hated Beck... God, Beck was such an annoying, brazen character that I just despised reading about. All the main characters in this book were just so, ugh, they drove me nuts! Benji was a drug addicted, whiny asshole and Peach was a self-absorbing bitch! Ethan was basically the only good character in this book.,.

So down to the reason why I actually gave this book three stars - the writing style. I really enjoyed Caroline Kepnes writing style. I found the second person narrative to be very interesting and I felt it allowed me to engage with the story. I also enjoyed how addicting the story was. I just had to continue on to see what would happen even though it was pretty predictable. Honestly if he's going to kill one person, he's going to kill them all. The mention of his obsession Candance and her untimely end should have sparked hints that Beck's future was heading down the exact same road. 

As mentioned I was expecting more. From a book being sold as one of the best thrillers, I expected more thrill. Yes, it was dark and violent and twisted but I still expected more darkness, more violence, just more. That darkness could have easily been portrayed in a YA book. It was Joe's way of thinking and explicit scenes that made this book adult, not it's darkness. So I was expecting more of a scare really.  

In all honestly, I believe I have sufficed with reading one book of Joe. I can't see myself diving into another book told by him. I just can't see how his mindset will change and how essentially a lot would be different to what I've seen in 'You'. Hey maybe in Hidden Bodies he gets caught. That's just something I'm not going to find out for myself.

Monday 15 February 2016

Book Review - The Rose Society by Marie Lu

The Rose Society (The Young Elites, #2)The Rose Society

(The Young Elites #2)

Author: Marie Lu

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic. 

Published: October 15 2015

Pages: 448 pages (Paperback) (Penguin)

Read: January 21 2016 - January 27 2016

Rating: 5 Stars


Adelina Amouteru's heart is set on revenge. Now known and feared as the White Wolf, she and her sister flee Kenettra to find other Young Elites in the hopes of building her own army. Her goal: to strike down the Inquisition Axis, the white-cloaked soldiers who nearly killed her.

But Adelina is no heroine. Teren Santoro, leader of the Inquisition, wants her dead. And her former friends at the Dagger Society want to stop her thirst for vengeance. Adelina struggles to cling to the good within her. But how can someone be good, when her very existence depends on darkness?

Book 6/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

This novel was the sequel to The Young Elites by Marie Lu and I loved this book just as much as I loved The Young Elites. After completing The Young Elites I just needed to get my hands on this book. Unfortunately, it hadn't been released then and I had to wait.... And I just waited a bit more after the release, cause, why not? :P  

The Rose Society picks up where The Young Elites left off. I was devastated after reading The Young Elites because of Enzo's death and I was highly anticipating what would happen in this novel. I had a number of ideas as what would happen and I was actually delighted to see that the idea that I ad first came to fruition in this novel. I was just blown away. 

I actually really dislike reviewing sequels because I have so much thoughts and have no idea what to say because of spoilers. So yes, this is going to be another time when I say I have no idea what to say only that I loved this freaking book so much! Marie Lu is a queen at writing novels.

I can't wait to get my hands on The Midnight Star! Even just to see the cover and have a release date would suffice me right now but I literally can not wait! I need to know what will happen and I just need to know.....

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #4

Wishlist Wednesday #4

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Pen to Paper. This meme is where you showcase one book that is on your wishlist and that you can't wait to get off your wishlist and into your hands.

On my Wishlist Wednesday today is....

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin
Wolf By Wolf (Wolf By Wolf, #1)

Over ten years since the Nazis won the war, 18 yr old Yael has one mission: to kill Hitler - a captivating second novel from Walled City author, Ryan Graudin.

Once upon a different time, there was a girl who lived in a kingdom of death. Wolves howled up her arm. A whole pack of them-made of tattoo ink and pain, memory and loss. It was the only thing about her that ever stayed the same.Her story begins on a train. 

Germania, 1956. Over ten years since the Nazis won the war. 18-year-old Yael is part of the resistance, and she has just one mission: to kill Hitler.

But first she's got to get close enough to him to do it. 

Experimented on during her time at Auschwitz, Yael has the unique ability to change her appearance at will. The only part of her which always remains are the five tattooed wolves on her arm; one for each of the people she's lost. Using her abilities, she must transform into Adele Wolfe, Germany's most famous female rider and winner of the legendary Axis Tour; an epic long distance motorcycle race from Berlin to Tokyo, where only the strongest (and wiliest) riders survive. If she can win this, she will be able to get close enough to kill the Fuhrer and change history forever.

But with other riders sabotaging her chances at every turn, Yael's mission won't be easy. . .

This book sounds amazing!! An alternate world where Hitler won the war! Motorcycle racing! A murder plot. Phew... this book has such an amazing premise, a wonderful cover and I just really hope that I get to pick this up soon and that I really enjoy it!

Have you read this book?? 
Is it on your wishlist??
What have you got on your wishlist??

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #5

Top Ten Tuesday #5

Top Ten Books About Different Relationships To Read To Pass Valentines Day.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and consists of them picking a topic each week for us bloggers to list our Top Ten.

Truth be told I'm not really a relationship person so Valentine's Day is just another day for me and will probably just be another day until I find that special someone :P So in general my Valentine's Day is usually like any other day but I sometimes celebrate by spending all day reading or watching movies and Netflix. So here I'm going to list my one of my best books throughout all the years I've been reading that centre around different types of relationships so ya'll can read them for Valentine's Day if you're like me :P

1. Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick
(2016) This is a standalone book by Ilsa J. Bick, an author which I love and I absolutely loved this dark book about a student / teacher relationship, so yes everyone, read this book!

2. Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
(2015) Changing from a taboo romantic relationship to a book mainly about friendship. This is an amazingly good book that surrounds a rather toxic dependent relationship with a friend, growing into an amazing friendship and finding yourself in the process. I really loved this book!

3. Feed by Mira Grant
(2014) And travelling on from friendship we're going onto an amazing sibling relationship. This book features Georgia and Shaun Mason as they run a blog during a zombie apocalypse. Need I say more?? 

Drowning InstinctSince You've Been GoneFeed (Newsflesh, #1)

4. Stolen: A Letter To My Captor by Lucy Christopher
(2013) Stolen is about a girl who gets kidnapped by a man and he holds her captive in the Australian outback. So from going from our previous books featuring student / teacher relationship, friendships and sibling relationships we're going onto the relationship between a captor and the kidnapped.

5. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
(2012) These last few years are going to be hard because my reading wasn't as varied as it is now and I read quite a lot less too but I chose The Forest of Hands and Teeth for the example of arranged relationships. I also love this book and the series so you should really check it out!

6. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
(2011) We'll go with The Hunger Games for the principle of a love triangle relationship. We all know we kind of secretly love them when they are one right!

Stolen: A Letter to My CaptorThe Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #1)The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

7. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
(2010) You know what we're talking about here people! Incest. Brother / Sister relationship...

8. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
(2009) And lastly for my years. Twilight began it all and so we're going with probably the theme of most famous relationship!

But I'm going to keep going, out of the theme of my reading years, and mention these 2 very notable relationships too....

9. I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson
Of course I had to mention an LGBTQA+ relationship and I just loved Noah's relationship in this book, even though it started out bad but how many relationships don't start out bad. I just have to mention Malec here too!!

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)Twilight (Twilight, #1)I'll Give You the Sun

10. Legend by Marie Lu
And lastly I'm going with those forbidden relationships and we all know how Day and June's relationship was forbidden...

Legend by Marie Lu

What Valentine's theme do you guys all go for?

Sunday 7 February 2016

Book Review - Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick

Drowning InstinctDrowning Instinct

Author: Ilsa J. Bick

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Mental Illness, Teacher / Student Relationship. 

Published: February 28 2013

Pages: 343 pages (Paperback) (Quercus)

Read: January 17 2016 - January 20 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

Jenna is sweet sixteen, the age when a girl is supposed to find her prince.

Instead she finds Mr Anderson – intelligent, handsome, married Mr Anderson, who just happens to be her chemistry teacher. With a dark past and a difficult family, Jenna is just happy to have someone to protect her, to worry about her, to love her.

But should she be suspicious of Mr Anderson’s reputation for helping ‘damaged’ students? Why is the most popular girl in school suddenly jealous of her? And where is Mr Anderson’s wife?

This is a love story that breaks all the rules, but that won’t stop it breaking your heart.

Book 5/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

I started reading Ilsa J. Bick with her Ashes Trilogy. I fell in love with that trilogy and wanted to explore this author some more, so I went and checked to see what else she had written and came across this book - Drowning Instinct. 

Drowning Instinct is about a young girl, Jenna, who's life has been really rough so far. Jenna has been battling self harm and now has fallen and having an inappropriate relationship with a teacher. I haven't really read a book solely based on a teacher / student relationship (I think it was only in Vampire Academy and House of Night where I'd seen this relationship before) and I was curious. I was curious because of well said Vampire Academy relationship and because of Pretty Little Liars tv series too. I wanted to read a book solely based on a student / teacher relationship and Drowning Instinct wasn't a disappointment.

I felt so much emotion for Jenna. From events in this book you can see how bad her life situations are and I just felt so much pity for her. I felt bad for her. I felt anger for her and I fell in love with Mr Anderson through her eyes. It is easy to see that the fascination she has with her teacher starts almost immediately when she sees him and this infatuation turns into a relationship when dangers both of the participants. 

As Jenna and Mr Anderson's relationship continues and grows a mystery soon appears and boy, did that mystery break my heart! Everything in this book broke my heart! By the end of this book I was sitting in a pool of my own tears. In fact, this book gave me that dreaded book hangover feeling. I was just in pieces. So if you go into this book not thinking it will be absolutely heartbreaking, think again! 

Ilsa J. Bick is just such an amazingly talented author for making you feel so much for a character. She is also very talented at writing mysteries. I had no idea what was going to happen in this book. As I read and once the mystery aspect kicked in, I was writing down different ideas on what the hell was going to happen and well, all my predictions were wrong and I was completely off. I had no notion of what was going to happen an it made this story all the more enjoyable.

So, be prepared! Go into this book with a shielded heart and read this at your own risk. I hope that Ilsa J. Bick will write another novel like this soon because she has an amazing talent at writing about dark, taboo topics such as zombie apocalypses and student / teacher relationships. And well, I shall be on the lookout.  

Book Review - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 

(Harry Potter #1)

Author: J. K. Rowling

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Magic. 

Published: September 1 2014

Pages: 352 pages (Paperback) (Bloomsbury Childrens)

Read: January 14 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

When a letter arrives for unhappy but ordinary Harry Potter, a decade-old secret is revealed to him that apparently he’s the last to know. His parents were wizards, killed by a Dark Lord’s curse when Harry was just a baby, and which he somehow survived. Leaving his unsympathetic aunt and uncle for Hogwarts, a wizarding school brimming with ghosts and enchantments, Harry stumbles upon a sinister mystery when he finds a three-headed dog guarding a room on the third floor. Then he hears of a missing stone with astonishing powers which could be valuable, dangerous – or both. An incredible adventure is about to begin!

Book 4/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Oh my God! Why did I wait so long to read Harry Potter!!! What the hell was I doing? On second note though, I'm glad that I did wait because I wouldn't have been able to get these beautiful covers from Bloomsbury. I grew up with the Harry Potter movies. I watched them as they released and every Christmas and Easter the tv would just be full of all the Harry Potter movies. I know people say that you aren't a fan if you just watched the movies, but I was a fan of the movies and now I have decided to read the books. 

One aspect that I am delighted to have done is watched the movies first. As I went through and read this book, I could see the movie playing in my head, I saw Hagrid, Hogwarts, Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, Emma Watson as Hermoine and so on. I had their voices in my head and well, for me anyway, it increased my enjoyment of the book.

I just adored this story so much that I even completed this book in a day. A day, people, that must be a first! But well what can I say, I just fell in love... J. K. Rowling's writing is fabulous and well she is a queen. She created Harry Potter and the world he lives in! She is simply awesome for that and I fell into this story so easily it was like returning to a lifetime favourite even though I was just reading this for the first time.

I can't wait to continue on with this series. You all know that one of my 2016 goals was to read the whole Harry Potter series. So I plan on reading a Harry Potter book a month if I can :P But that's the plan anyway. I still just can't believe I waited so long and I seriously can't wait to read the rest.

Saturday 6 February 2016

Book Review - Soundless by Richelle Mead


Author: Richelle Mead

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mythology, Retelling. 

Published: November 12 2015

Pages: 267 pages (Paperback) (Puffin)

Read: January 9 2016 - January 13 2016

Rating: 4 Stars

For as long as Fei can remember, there has been no sound in her village. Her people are at the mercy of a mysterious faraway kingdom, which delivers food in return for precious metals mined from the treacherous cliffs surrounding them.

When villagers begin to lose their sight, their rations shrink and many go hungry. Fei's home, the boy she loves, and her entire existence is plunged into crisis, under threat of darkness and starvation.

Then Fei is awoken in the night by a searing noise, and sound becomes her weapon . . .

Book 3/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Soundless is Richelle Mead's new standalone fantasy novel. It is based on a Japanese folklore story and centers around a village, isolated at the top of a mountain whose people have lost their sense of hearing for a number of generations but now they are beginning to lose their sense of sight too. But this stories revolves around Fei, who can suddenly begin hearing again.

I really enjoyed this story. Richelle Mead is an amazing storyteller. I was addicted to her Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series and was obviously really excited to read Soundless because of my love for both her series. There is just something about the way she writes that brings a story to life. You can vividly imagine yourself in the world she creates. You can see the characters come to life and appear in front of you as if they are truly real. And Richelle Mead didn't disappoint in this aspect with Soundless.

I really liked Fei. She was a great main character and I enjoyed seeing her stand up and grow within this story. The secondary characters in this book were also magnificent. I loved the character of Fei's love interest (yes, alright, right now I can't remember names and that might seem bad but trust me I always had a problem with remembering names and because they are Japanese based, that made remembering them harder too.)

The story was magnificent too. I enjoyed the plot and the way the story twisted. I felt though that this book was way to short! Especially for a fantasy novel. I would have liked a lot of more world building. Japan is such a beautiful country and wanted that beauty explained to me more especially since they lived on the top of a mountain, I also thought that the story ended a bit too smoothly. It was like everything just landed perfectly. But other than those two faults, I enjoyed reading this book so much.

I am really excited to read more by Richelle Mead as I'm sure you all know. And with The Glittering Court coming out later this year, you can assume how excited I am!

Friday 5 February 2016

Book Review - Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

Between Shades of Gray Between Shades of Gray

Author: Ruta Sepetys

Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, War. 

Published: June 9 2011

Pages: 344 pages (Paperback) (Penguin)

Read: January 8 2016 - January 9 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

Lina is just like any other fifteen-year-old Lithuanian girl in 1941. She paints, she draws, she gets crushes on boys. Until one night when Soviet officers barge into her home, tearing her family from the comfortable life they've known. Separated from her father, forced onto a crowded and dirty train car, Lina, her mother, and her young brother slowly make their way north, crossing the Arctic Circle, to a work camp in the coldest reaches of Siberia. Here they are forced, under Stalin's orders, to dig for beets and fight for their lives under the cruelest of conditions.

Lina finds solace in her art, meticulously--and at great risk--documenting events by drawing, hoping these messages will make their way to her father's prison camp to let him know they are still alive. It is a long and harrowing journey, spanning years and covering 6,500 miles, but it is through incredible strength, love, and hope that Lina ultimately survives. Between Shades of Gray is a novel that will steal your breath and capture your heart.

Book 2/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

I fell in love with Ruta Sepetys writing and her writing style last year when I read 'Out of the Easy', Ruta Sepetys second novel. And I just had to dive into her debut especially since all I heard about this book was praise.

I added this book to my Christmas wishlist and got it, which I was so happy about. I then dived into this book as soon as I could. I am a massive fan of Historical Fiction novels and the reason that I picked up this book is simply because 1, it was Ruta Sepetys and 2, she told a story about a part of the war that is not highlighted in the history texts. 

I went into this book knowing that it would be brutal. I knew that it was going to bring up so many emotions in me. I knew I would end up crying because every person who has read this book has said the same. 

And boy, did I cry. Lina's story is such a remarkably hard story to read. There is this constant worry as I read through this book. Worry for Lina, worry for her brother, worry for her family and worry for everyone else that ultimately became their family as they tried to survive. 

Lina was an admirable character. She was such a strong heroine, for herself, for her brother, for her family. I really connected with Lina and felt a lot of emotions for her as I read her story. I wanted everything to be ok for her. She was just such an amazing character. Through everything, she kept her head. She ultimately survived this unbelievable and harsh circumstance in her life. 

Honestly, I can't believe what these people had to suffer through and I admire Ruta Sepetys for bringing this topic into the public eye, for allowing young adults and adults alike to see through the eyes of a fictional character as she survived through what hundreds and thousands of people had to go through when Stalin was dictating. 

I also enjoyed the way Ruta Sepetys brought a little conflicted romance into this story. It was a tiny ray of hope in the darkness of this book.  It was something, other than the survival of the characters, to put your hope on.

I just loved this remarkable story and I  have no more words to explain the deep feelings that I had while I was reading this book and even now after I've finished it for over a few weeks those feelings are still there.

I literally cannot wait to get my hands on Ruta Sepetys new novel 'Salt to the Sea', because I know that it will be just as extraordinary as this, Between Shades of Gray, and Out of the Easy were. 

My Updated TBR

My Updated TBR

I believe it was around this time last year that I did this TBR Pile of Shame post and well I just wanted to post an updated TBR. There is no more TBR Pile of Shame though. Yes I would like to decrease the size of my TBR down to about 30, I am no longer ashamed of the amount of books on my TBR, I just have a challenge and goal for myself with no pressures attached.

So here we go, if you've read any of these books let me know what you thought of them or which one you recommend the most!

  1. Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
  2. Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo
  3. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  4. Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne
  5. The Manifesto on How to be Interesting by Holly Bourne
  6. Soulmates by Holly Bourne
  7. The Diviners by Libba Bray
  8. Awakened by P.C Cast
  9. Destined by P.C Cast
  10. Hidden by P.C Cast
  11. Revealed by P.C Cast
  12. The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
  13. The Lost and The Found by Cat Clarke
  14. Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
  15. Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan
  16. Resist by Sarah Crossan
  17. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
  18. Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
  19. Vendetta by Catherine Doyle
  20. Hour of the Bees by Lindsay Eagar
  21. Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick
  22. Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick
  23. Deadline by Mira Grant
  24. Blackout by Mira Grant
  25. Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray
  26. Shadow of the Wolf by Tim Hall
  27. Afterlight by Elle Jasper
  28. Everdark by Elle Jasper
  29. Rogue by Julie Kagawa
  30. Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom
  31. The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
  32. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
  33. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
  34. Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel
  35. Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
  36. Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr
  37. Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr
  38. Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr
  39. A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin
  40. A Storm of Swords PI by George R. R. Martin
  41. A Storm of Swords PII by George R. R. Martin
  42. A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin
  43. A Dance With Dragons PII by Geroge R. R. Martin
  44. Crow Moon by Anna McKerrow
  45. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  46. Dark Flame by Alyson Noel
  47. Night Star by Alyson Noel
  48. Everlasting by Alyson Noel
  49. Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
  50. Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch
  51. Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes
  52. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
  53. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling
  54. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling
  55. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
  56. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
  57. The Sin Eater's Daughter by Melinda Salisbury
  58. Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott
  59. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
  60. Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder
  61. Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder
  62. Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder
  63. Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder
  64. Spy Glass by Maria V. Snyder
  65. Allies & Assassins by Justin Somper
  66. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
  67. Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater
  68. Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
  69. Eden by Keary Taylor
  70. Salted by Teri Terry
  71. The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas
  72. Fragments by Dan Wells
  73. Ruin by Dan Wells
  74. In The Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters

Last TBR Post - 20 January 2015
Down 56 Books from 130!
39 Books Still On My TBR From Last Year

All in all I don't think I'm doing too bad with my TBR and hopefully my goal is to have my TBR at or below 50 for the beginning of 2017!

Tuesday 2 February 2016

January 2016

January 2016 Book Haul / Wrap Up

It's the first month of 2016 and it's already over! I had a great reading month this year and I hope that you all did too!

January 2016 Book Haul

The only book that I got this month was the following:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling

This book was so cheap on The Book Depository so I just had to pick it up because well everyone knows one of my goals for 2016 is to read the whole Harry Potter series so I would be getting the whole series anyway this year.

January 2016 Wrap Up

I read a total of 6 books this month and they were all 4 or 5 star reads which was amazing!!

What Was Read:

  • Winter by Marissa Meyer (5 Stars)
  • Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys (5 Stars)
  • Soundless by Richelle Mead (4 Stars)
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K. Rowling (5 Stars)
  • Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick (5 Stars)
  • The Rose Society by Marie Lu (5 Stars)
(Reviews will be posted soon! I've made out a schedule!!)

Defeating My TBR Progress!!

My TBR is down to 74! Woop, Woop!! Yay!! I'm back on the going down slope! Look out for my Updated TBR post this week!!

Other News:

Currently Reading:
The book I'm primarily currently reading is Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo.

If you'd like to see the memes I participated in this month click the link below! I participated in 3 Top Ten Tuesdays, 3 Wishlist Wednesdays and the Best of the Bunch meme.
2016 Memes

I also held a discussion about Broadening My Reading Horizon - Outgrowing YA? which is my thoughts on the subject that was spiraling around BookTube recently. 

And that is it for my wrap up and book haul!!
How was your first month of 2016??

Top Ten Tuesday #4

Top Ten Tuesday #4

Top Ten Historical Settings I Love.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and consists of them picking a topic each week for us bloggers to list our Top Ten.

I'm a big history fan. I love all times in history but I haven't read as many books as I'd like to in the historical fiction genre or featuring an historical setting. But here are he times I love the most:

1. World Wars I & II
Books about the war really just strike me and I have a good few World War Books on my TBR yet to read which I'm really excited about. Must Reads - The Book Thief by Markus Zusack, Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys.

2. Victorian England
I love Victorian England in any book. If it has the words in the synopsis, I will usually jump on that bandwagon straight away. All those dresses and the way they speak and just the general vibe of Victorian times is something I extremely love. Must Read - The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

3. French Revolution
I love this time in books and I've only read one book during this time and it is an all time favourite. The tension and the time of the French Revolution just interests me so much. Must Read - Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly.

4. Old West
I have yet to read a book about the old west / western but I really want to read Erin Bowman's Vengeance Road. I love this time from my studies in history and from scarcely watching old westerns on tv, so I'd love to add this to my reading life too.

5. Ancient Rome / Greek / Egypt
Anything with Ancient in its title usually grabs me in and I am a sucker for this times in books too.

And that is really all I can think of so far. As I've said I loved studying history in school and I love the topic in general but I haven't read many historical fiction novels yet which is a tragedy. So if you have any suggestions, post them below too!