Saturday, 24 January 2015

First Set of Pictures - Insects & Birds (24/1/15)

First Set of Pictures - Insects & Birds

I can't remember when I took these pictures, well actually I can remember a few and I'll post under the pictures some info about them :)

This picture was taken way back in 2008 when I was at the zoo for the very first time. 
I just loved the half blooming flowers and believe me this plant was twice the size of I was at that time and bees were just swarming all over it. 
It just make a perfect picture, in my opinion.

This butterfly was taken during the summer of 2014. I actually loved this butterfly so much because it kept coming back and you could literally only have a finger's length between us. I also had my little brother taking pictures of this little guy too. This little guy was taken in my backyard and I had to save him / her from my dogs on several occasions......

Here's the same butterfly again.

 And again!!!

Now onto the birds. I believe I took this photo during the Spring/Summer of 2013 out in my backyard.
I had to bait the birds as you may see :P

This is another little bird which I photographed in the beginning of Summer of 2014. 
I was so stressed and hadn't been out photographing for months and then just one day I went out to the bottom of my field and this little guy was looking down at me from above the trees. So I just had to take the picture!!

If any really loves any of these pictures and would like a copy or canvas made of one just contact me :)


  1. Your pictures are great! I'm glad you decided to post them here!
    I love the ones with the butterfly—the colors are awesome!

    1. Thank you so much Constance :)
      I'm happy I decided to post them here too :)
      I think I may do one post a week or once every two weeks or something.
      Thanks again Constance!!! :)