Saturday 24 September 2016

Book Review - Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

Am I Normal Yet? (The Spinster Club, #1)Am I Normal Yet?

(The Spinster Club #1)

Author: Holly Bourne

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mental Health, Feminism.

Published: August 1 2015

Pages: 434 pages (Paperback) (Usborne)

Read: August 14 2016 - August 25 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

All Evie wants is to be normal. She’s almost off her meds and at a new college where no one knows her as the girl-who-went-crazy. She’s even going to parties and making friends. There’s only one thing left to tick off her list…

But relationships are messy – especially relationships with teenage guys. They can make any girl feel like they’re going mad. And if Evie can’t even tell her new friends Amber and Lottie the truth about herself, how will she cope when she falls in love?

Book 25/65 - 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Am I Normal Yet? is the first novel in Holly Borne's companion trilogy The Spinster Club. In Am I Normal Yet? we meet our main character Evie as she tries to what she belives become 'normal'. Evie has a mental illness, OCD, which she had been labelled for in her previous school so now at a new school, at a new beginning with her medication decreasing Evie wants to be like every other sixteen year old girl and that means she wants a boyfriend. And so we follow her story. 

I met Holly Bourne last October and from hearing her talk about her books I instantly just needed to pick them up. So I bought all her books at the event because I knew from just meeting Holly Bourne and then with the hype that was surrounding this book that I would read it eventually. 

Honestly, I did put this book off for quite some time because from reading the synopsis I really thought this book wouldn't be what I have an interest in. From the blurb I got the story of a girl just looking to find a boyfriend. In no way did I think I would be so wrong about the premise of a book after reading the back of the cover. 

This book is so deep. It is such an inspiring and life changing story to read. It was incredible. I fell in love with the main character Evie and our two side characters Lottie and Amber which feature in the next two books. I was blown away by this story.

Evie's personality just made this book. I loved her wittiness. I literally fell in love with Evie. She became such a favourite character of mine. I felt so much emotions for her. 

This book left me laughing, shaking with anger, bursting into tears and smiling until there was no tomorrow. It was such an emotional roller-coaster. I really can't wait to keep continuing on with this companion trilogy and finding out what happens in Lottie's book and of course seeing more of Evie in it too. 

Yup this is definitely one of those books that I wished I had read sooner. But I'm so glad that I did read this book and all thanks to the amazingness that is the author Holly that made me pick this up in the first place. 

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