Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Silver Shadows Release Day

Silver Shadows Release Day

Today it is SILVER SHADOWS RELEASE DAY!!!!! Ahhhhhh, after finishing The Fiery Heart, I just couldn't wait for this book and I still can't wait for this book. Me, not living anywhere near a book shop means I won't be able to get my copy of Silver Shadows until sometime in August :(
But I will get it. THAT is certain!!

As I posted in my The Fiery Heart review, I have a few speculations as to what may or may not happen in the book. Of course I'm no psychic (can never spell any word that starts like that!!!) so everything I probably predict will probably not happen!! But hey, it was just for fun!!

MY PREDICTIONS: (Do NOT Read Further If You Don't Want To)
Hmmm I believe that (well this may be obvious) but I think that the Alchemists are actually going to influence Sydney just like they did with Keith, not by a tattoo but possibly by torture and then she's going to see Adrian and she will be like a zombie and Adrian will go through turmoil to try and get his Sydney back. Either that or she escapes and runs away with Adrian on one of there escape plans and she works with Marcus to try and cripple the Alchemists.
So they are my predictions. I may not be anywhere close but I won't be able to find out till August :(

Who already has their copy of Silver Shadows?? And who else is like me, that can't get their hands on a copy until sometime in August? Let me know!!! :D 


  1. I don't have it yet either :( I should receive it next week, hopefully sooner..
    I'd love it if Sydney and Adrian were able to go on one of their escape plans, and I hope they will... but I feel like Richelle's going to torture us as much as possible with this book.

    Have you read the 7 first chapters? ( http://issuu.com/penguinteen/docs/silvershadows_1-7 if you haven't)

  2. Let me know when you get it :p
    Ya, it'd be so romantic if they did but I agree with you. This book is going to be torturous.

    I haven't read them yet :p I'm staying away and just going to read it full when I get the book :) Thanks for the link though :)