Sunday, 28 September 2014

Project 10 Book (hosted by Lauren @ A Blonde Librarian)

Project 10 Book

This is a spending/buying ban on books that was created by Lauren @A Blonde Librarian. What she came up with is that you have to read 10 books that you have on your shelf before you can buy another book. This is a great concept because it really brings down your TBR pile immensely. It also takes a lot of will power especially when you're in that bookstore. I was there yesterday and right in front of me was The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. I want that book so much!!! But, because I am on my ban I turned around and left it behind....

Another part that I'm going to add to this which I saw on a youtube video was that for every book you finish you put some money aside. So I got my piggy bank, which was empty anyway, and now I have it dedicated to book money!! My plan is that for every book I finish I put 1 euro into the piggy bank. That way I'd have to read 10 books to be able to afford 1 book, which ties up with the other part.

My Progress:

I saw this on September 14th so that is my official starting date and since then I have finished 2 books - Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and Champion by Marie Lu. So, I have 2 euro in my piggy and 8 more books to go before I can get either Crown of Midnight or The Infinite Sea!!!

**I am going to be doing this post every Sunday to let everyone know how my progress is going and about any feelings I have towards this, so this is going to be a sort of journal :)** 


  1. Good luck! I'm going to do the project 10 as well when october gets here and probably would do a post about it =)

  2. Great!!! I can't wait to see your post :) And Good Luck to you too :D

  3. Yay you are doing it :) good for you! I havent blogged much at all recently (or read much for that matter) but I am 3 books into my spending ban now. I like the idea of adding money in as a little reward to yourself. Keep it up :) I will be putting a post up on my progress when I reach 5 books I think

    1. Ya!! It was such a great idea!! I've been the same recently. Great!! You're 1 book ahead of me :p Ya, it will kind of help with me save some money if I can only use what's in the piggy bank :p
      Great!! I can't wait to see it :D