Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Book Blogger's Tag

The Book Blogger's Tag

Hey all, this is a new tag by Jayne over at BookingAwesome. What you do is answer the questions below!! And oh ya, thank you so much Jayne for tagging me :D

QUESTION #1: How many times do you check your email everyday.
Well I have my email synced up to my phone so every time I get an email it shows up on my phone. So, you could say that I check my email constantly :P

QUESTION #2: How many times to you go one Goodreads?
Hmm, that depends. On weekdays I go on it for a little while in the morning and then before I go to bed. On the weekends I go on it about three times a day especially when I have stuff to do with the group I'm moderating :)

QUESTION #3: How long does it take to edit your posts?
I don't edit my posts. I just publish them when they're finished. If I notice a mistake after publishing them I usually go back and edit to fix that but that's really it.

QUESTION #4: What kind of laptop do you use?
I mostly use my desktop which is an Acer that is about 6 years old or even older now. I got a new laptop during the summer for college and I set that up properly today doing all the updates, getting microsoft, and personalizing the desktop so that it is mine now with all my pictures and so on..Oh ya, the new laptop is a Toshiba Netbook. It has a screen of like 11' and I just love it so much now!!

QUESTION #5: How often do you check your Twitter?   

I used to check my twitter every night but then I left it for a little while and now my phone app has locked me out and I can't remember what email I used to set up the account because I don't have the email anymore and I can't remember the password either :/

QUESTION #6: Why do you use Blogger, WordPress, etc.?
I use blogger because it was the first place I heard about for blogging and well I blog because I love books and what to get my opinions out there about certain books and all that.

QUESTION #7: Are you good at keeping up with reviews, tags, etc.?
I was....not so much at the moment. I think I missed two whole weeks of memes and I have two book reviews to write and post up but as of now I'm up to date with tags and I just now realised it's nearly the end of the month, meaning I have to do a wrap up and haul and tbr posts... :O Oh no, I'm so behind...I usually have those done and just waiting to publish by now.

QUESTION #8: How many times a week do you post?
 I have a schedule to post 5 times a week but hey, that hasn't happened in a while :P But will be back on schedule soon :)

That is the end of the tag!!! For this tag I tag:
Constance - Craving Books
Noelia - A Day In Bookland


  1. Thank you for tagging me!!!
    (By the way, I started The 5th Wave, and I love it!!)

    1. No bothers!! :)
      It's amazing!!! I saw The Infinte Sea in the bookstore and I was shocked by how small it was. It's like half the sizr of The 5th Wave :/ but I can't wait to read it anyway :p

    2. Really? That's weird, usually sequels are bigger! And yea, I can't wait to read it too!