Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Book Life Tag

The Book Life Tag

Thank you Athena!! for tagging me to do the tag. Here is Athena's blog INTOTHEMINDOFAREADER!! Go check it out guys!!! I have to apologise that I didn't do this tag sooner because I've been pretty busy lately.. So here we go.... Oh and the creator of the tag is Jayne over at BookingAwesome. Go check her blog out too :)

Who would you like to be your parents?
I'm bad at these questions!!! Ammmm, ammmm, well, I don't know.... the only parents I can think of are Abe Mazur and Valentine Morgenstern and then on the mother side Jocelyn Fray....I'm so sorry, I'm so bad at this :/

What character would you like to have as a sister?
A sister huh? Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone could be my sister :P I love Karou and I love her love of art and drawing and I love art and drawing too so hey, it runs in the family :P

What about a brother?
Metias maybe. He was such a good brother to June and I believe he would have supported her greatly if he was still alive. Plus he was rebellious too. But no one would out so my own brother in being the best brother ever :P

What animal would you like to have as a pet? The animal can exist in real life or can be a mystical creature like a dragon and does not have to be the pet in a book.
I want a dragon!!!! Oh my God, I want a dragon....

What book location would you like to live in?
I 'd love to live in a fantasy land so maybe the world in Shadow and Bone or Sea of Shadows.

What school from a novel would you like to be enrolled in?
The Grisha school!! or St Vladimir's in Vampire Academy :p

Pick a fictional job.
Shadowhunter!!! Is there any better job???

Best friend?
Zuzana from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. She is just amazing and awesome and perfect best friend material!!

What book character would you pick as your boyfriend/girlfriend? 
William Herondale from The Infernal Devices!!! You all know of my fascination with him!! 

That is it and I shall tag, Constance from cravingbooks and anyone else who would like to do this!! :)


  1. I would love to have a dragon as well for a pet!!! That would be totally AWESOME!!! Great answers ;)

  2. Thank you!!!!!
    Yeah, a dragon would be so great! *daydreams of a life with dragons for three hours*
    For the brother question I'd probably have said Metias too, he was so great with June! I would've loved to read more about him..

    1. I would have too :( There's a small bit abput him in the novella but that's it. And I still haven't finished Champion O.o I am disgraced with myself D:

    2. Yeah, I would've liked to get to know him, not just hear about him because of June... I feel like it's rare to see a sibling that's also rebellious in a book
      It's okay, take your time!!! Because once you're done with it, it'll really be over :(