Saturday, 28 February 2015

Game of Thrones Read-a-Long

Game of Thrones Read-a-Long

There is a Game Of Thrones Read-a-Long happening over on BookTube which involves the reading of book 1 in The Song of Fire and Ice Series. What's happening is that there is a period of a whole month (March 1st - March 31st) to read A Game of Thrones and throughout your reading you can pop in and discuss or watch videos about the book. 

There are a range of different hosts and even a goodreads group for this read-a-long which you can find here

So what this post s really about, is for anyone who has yet to read A Game of Thrones (like me) and who would like to read it in a group can join up on the goodreads group and basically start talking. 

Just remember 'Winter is coming.'


  1. I love seeing read-a-longs about Game of Thrones because I love that freaking series so much. I hope you read it and love it and then get all hooked on and read the rest of the books hahaha
    Good luck with the read-a-long ^^

    1. Hahaha hopefully I will too seen and I bought nearly all of them :p And it starts today so yay!!! :D