Sunday, 1 March 2015



I was delighted to see that on Thursday I had received an envelope which was addressed to me and had the name Lori M. Lee on it as well!!! Yup you guessed it. It was my pre-order The Infinite swag!! I was jumping up and down because I never really receive swag that often and I found out that everything was signed too which was awesome. So a very sincere Thank You to Lori M. Lee, the author of both Gates of Thread and Stone and The Infinite.

You can see a picture below of the swag that I received:

Then the following day, another package arrived and it was the actual book!! I was so happy because well, I had it in my hands way before the release day which just seemed so incredible. I had pre-ordered it from where I always buy my books online and they had sent it to me early, which I did not complain about... Below you can see a picture of The Infinite, the second that I opened the package:

So I was an extremely happy person :P Thank you again so much to Lori M. Lee and to The Book Depository :)


  1. you got it a before, that's great :D it only happened to me once, but I was so happy even though it was only one day!
    is the cover as pretty as it looks on screen?
    it's amazing that she signed everything! did you know it was going to be signed when you preordered?

    1. I know!!! It's just great to get something early :)
      The cover is even more amazing in person!!! Trust me :p
      The book isn't signed but all the swag she sent me was and I didn't know that it would be :)