Thursday, 30 October 2014

Book Review - Partials by Dan Wells


(Partials Sequence  #1)

Author: Dan Wells

Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Post Apocalyptic

Published: March 29 2012

Pages: 470 pages (Paperback Edition) (HarperCollins Children's Books)

Read: October 2014

Rating: Stars

The only hope for humanity isn’t human.

In a world where people have been all but wiped out by a virus created by part-human cyborgs called ‘Partials’, and where no baby survives longer than three days, a teenage girl makes it her mission to find a cure, and save her best friend’s unborn child.

But finding a cure means capturing a Partial…

I picked Partials up the first day it was in my bookstore. Yes, it was a while ago and it was during a period where I just had to get every dystopia / science fiction novel there was. So, I got a lot of them and most I still haven't gotten around to. Partials used to be on that list but has now, I am proud to say, made it to the read list.

I have to admit, I found it very hard to read this book at the start. I believe this was not due to the book but that I was actually experiencing a reading slump. Once that slump went back into hiding, this book shined through immensely. I was hooked!!

I quite enjoyed our main protagonist, Kira. She was realistic and managed her situations as reasonably as I believe anyone could. Ok, maybe some of her decisions were rash but at least she was fighting for her people, which is admirable in a character and it wasn't like all the characters were heroes. Some cowered, some fought against the good of humanity and some even ignored what was happening. There is nothing worse than a book full of idealistic heroes.

There were other characters throughout this book, Kira's close friends and adoptive sisters, all who had different personalities which made the story so amazing.

But what made this story complete was the plot. The story kept me so intrigued. I had to keep turning page after page, my heart was pumping, there was so much mystery and suspense and shock when a conspiracy was revealed. But, overall this book kept me on edge and I loved it for it.

I finished this book simply thinking I need the next book, I need it, I need to know what will happen. Alas, I didn't have the second book and I am on my spending ban so I have to wait to get the next book and finish the story. But I am just going to have to occupy my time with all the books I have to read and wait out this ban.

I believe that this would be a hit for dystopia and science fiction lovers. You should check it out if it interests you :)



  1. Great review! :D I've been wanting to read this book for awhile but I've never picked it up, hopefully I can get it soon from my library :D

    ~Carina @

    1. Thank you :) You should definitely pick it up when you get the time!! :)