Sunday, 2 November 2014

#BookBlogWriMo 11/1 & 11/2

#BookBlogWriMo 11/1 & 11/2

11/1 - History of Your Blog

Well, hello everyone!!! I started my blog on May 14th 2014, don't ask me why I started blogging then because really it was one of the wrong times. Why it was a wacky time to start blogging is this - I was doing my Leaving Cert (which is technically final exams before yyou go to college, basically the biggest exam in your life over here in Ireland). I can't remember if my oral exams were that month or not but anyway the exams were in June and here I was starting a blog!! Crazy, I know. But in hindsight, I was damn well right to start my blog then as it in no way affected my results and I am doing what I want to do now!! So, mercifully that year and those exams are behind me and I never have to stress about them again.

So I started on May 14th 2014 with my First Post. I used Goodreads as a means to get my blog 'out there' by well telling my closer Goodreads friends that I had started a blog. From that point on I met some incredible people like Constance @ Craving Books, Jayne @ Booking Awesome, Noelia @ A Day In Bookland and many more wonderful people!!!

I learned about reviews, memes (I had no idea what these were when I started) and everything in between. And now I'm happy with how my blog is turning out (I still have a lot more to learn, especially about tweaking the layout - tips appreciated guys!!! :p) and I am loving this and will continue this long into the future!!

11/2 - How You Read

Here is how I read.....I'm not really sure what I'm going to say but I'm certain in I get on a topic I'll be able to rant so here goes.....

I read Paperbacks and all paperbacks if I can help it, but sometimes I can't and that is why I have hardcovers on my shelves. If you've read some of my previous posts you'll know that there was only I book that I wanted in hardcover and I got it in hardcover and that was Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee because it was just so beautiful in hardcover!! 

So ya, I'm a paperback person. Why??? There's a few reasons:
1. They are cheaper, which is good because I'm very limited at the moment.
2. I prefer how they look on my shelf. Really I do.
3. I find hardcovers to be so bulky when you're reading them and that annoys the hell out of me!!

Now onto the whole e-book topic. E-books. Meh!! I know they are cheaper and I know I'm a very environmental conscience person and they save the endless tress from being cut down but.....there is nothing better than physically holding a book and turning the seperate pages. You can't hold an e-reader up to your nose and flick through the pages to get that book smell. You can't stack your e-books on your shelves to make a really nice display and then you can't rearrange that display when the urge captures you. Besides it has to be bad for your eyes looking at a screen all the time. I look at enough screens not to have my books on them. I just can't read from an e-reader anyway. There's just something jarring about it.

I use bookmarks!! Of course I do... God if anyone dog eared my books O.o.......
So my bookmarks. I have 4 in total. I had a really nice Shadowhunter one that I got from Etsy. It was beautiful!!! It had a little black metal wing hung on the top and I had it enscripted with 'We Are Dust and Shadows' in both English and Latin. But that broke a while back, it lasted me a long time though. Then I started using the ones the Book Depository sometimes sends out. I then lost all of them and went crazy and had to go to town where I bought a simple one with a moon and 'Books Can Take You Anywhere' written on it. Then I bought this fabulous one from a craft shop in town. There are no words to describe it. My last two I got for my birthday from my mam, dad and brother and they are the really pretty magnetic ones :)
Here is a picture of them!!!


  1. I'm so glad you started doing #BookBlogWroMo! I didn't know any blogging friends that were doing it before!

    That was so wonderful of you to include me! It really made my day since I've been drowning in homework. I can't wait to see your post for tomorrow.

    1. Yay!! Ya, I couldn't say no :p

      No problem :) Haha I do not miss getting homework :p Make sure you do it all :p I can't wait to see your post tomorrow too :)