Saturday, 15 November 2014



Sorry guys I have been MIA recently. I was just so busy in college with tests, skill demonstrations, seminars, and a trip!!! 

Just a little on the trip. We went to Mayfield Birds of Prey and got to see and handle some amazing birds!!! There were hawks, buzzards, owls, just some beautiful amazing birds and here is some photos!! Well two, with me in them :D

Me with a Harris Hawk

Me with a Screeching Owl - Muffin

Anyway back to why this post exists. I found a box. A book depository box!!! It's a box with my name on it!!! Ahhhh and I found out that it is my christmas present!!! Yay!! I'm so excited.....I want to know what's in the box......It is possible that there is one very large book or two books in the ya Imma going to have to wait......

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  1. I freaking adore owls! People say they are weird but I just don't care. I always think about Hedwig....
    Don't worry about being MIA. It just happens. Uni (arggggggggg)