Saturday, 1 November 2014

Secret Santa Book Exchange hosted by Becoming Books

Secret Santa Book Exchange hosted by Becoming Books

Hey guys!!! Look at this!!! Look at this!!! Secret Santa!!! I love Secret Santa and this is just an amazing idea by Meghann at Becoming Books. I applaud her for doing this and hopefully many people will participate because it is a tremendous, incredible idea.

If you guys want to have a look over at Meghann's blog here's the link. All the information and sign up form is over there!!

I'm just going to write up a tad bit of info for everyone here:

Sign Up is on Nov 1st - Nov 21st
Mail By Dec 12th
Post Reveal Dec 15th - Dec 19th

You have to post a new book of retail value $15 or more. It is international if the Book Depository ships free to you and if you are willing to have an international partner!! 

And that's basically it guys. Head over to Meghann's blog and sign up!!! :D

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