Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Furry Friend Tag

Furry Friend Tag

Hey!!! So this is the Furry Friend Tag which I saw on Book Tube and well being an animal lover I couldn't just let this pass so I'mma doing this tag. I also couldn't just pick one of my pets so there is going to be all of them......

1. What is their name?
There are:

2. What kind of pet are they?
Sammi is a Labrador Retriever - Dog
Bruce is a Springer x Collie - Dog
Lulu is a Cat (Breed Unknown - Moggie)
Toothless is a Leopard Gecko - Lizard
Dave, Jasper & Stuart are Fantail Goldfish.

3. How long have you had your pet(s)?
I have Sammi the longest, I got her on January 3rd 2012 - 3 years, 2 months.
Then there's Dave which I got on the 29th of July in 2013 - 1 year, 8 months
Then Bruce on March 29th 2014 - 1 year this month
Then I got Toothless on May 24th 2014 - 9 months
I got Lulu on July 13th 2014 - 8 months
Then I got Stuart and Jasper on March 15th 2015 - 2 days

4. How did you get them?
Sammi - I got Sammi after my Dad who had worked for a woman who had these Labrador pups by accident (the mother was booked to be neutered but then got pregnant by the male lab that they also owned) and my Chocolate Brown Labrador had passed away at the age of 15 that previous October. My Dad had asked me in December about them but then I wasn't ready. On News Years I decided it was time to get a dog and then we got Sammi and her sister Stella on January 3rd for free because the woman just wanted them gone. Unfortunately, Stella had to be put to sleep at 8 months old due to juvenile kidney failure which was a genetic disease. This broke my heart but I still had Sammi to mend that broken piece. 

Dave - I got Dave and another sick fantail goldfish, Frank, in a pet shop in my local town because I hadn't had goldfish since I was little and was very bad at keeping goldfish at that time but my little brother and I went into town and picked the fish and started this journey again. Frank only died last October (Halloween Night) even though he was sick when I got him - sole reason why I got him, I couldn't just leave him dies in the pet shop without knowing a better life and I treated him and he got a bit better but still he lived for almost a year. Ad Dave is swimming around happily in his new tank with his new friends.

Bruce - I got Bruce from someone who had an accidental litter and didn't want the pups so he gave them away and I took Bruce because Sammi needed company after her sister had passed.

Toothless - I got Toothless in the same pet shop where I bought Dave and Frank and I got her because I love reptiles and I saw her there and was just amazed by her, her colour, her appearance and personality. So I researched intensely about that species and how to care for them and then I got her.

Lulu - My borther came home one day and said he wanted a cat. I was completely opposed to the idea but we took a kitten from my cousin who's cat had had a litter of 6. There were only 3 kittens alive at this point and when we got Lulu, she had ticks, she was really skinny, and full of worms. I had to dose her 3 times in a row. In the weeks that followed Lulu changed completely, becoming a much more healthy looking cat with a much bigger personality. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without her now. 

Stuart and Jasper - These two I got because Dave seemed lonely and I was after getting him a bigger tank and well my brother picked them out and now they're happily swimming around. 
5. How old are they?
Sammi's birthday is October 16th and she is 3 now.
Bruce's birthday is January 26th and he is now 1.
Lulu has an unknown birthday, we think she's nearly a year old and instead we celebrate a got'cha day!!
Toothless is possibly around a year too, she gets a got'cha day too :P
I don't know how old any of my fish are to be honest only that they are older than how long  have them.

6. What are quirky things about their personality?
There are so much quirky things I'll only say one about each :P

Sammi - Sammi doesn't play fetch. If I throw a ball she runs after it and attempts to pick up the ball while running which is usually a fail and then runs back to me without the ball which I then have to go get myself. 

Bruce - Bruce is a hunting, herding dog and any time I'm walking and Sammi walks beside me he will constantly wals circles around us and then lie down in front of us and wait for us to pass which means he can then start his circling, like we're sheep. It's funny because that was just a natural instinct for his collie side as he was never trained to do anything like that.

Lulu - She has so many quirky things but one thing is she will only drink from the bathroom sink. Anywhere else is a no go drinking area...

Toothless - Toothless actually gives you a death stare in the night when she's hungry and she's often chased my cat around to try and eat her. 

Dave, Stuart and Jasper - All of my fish will eat from my hand, even the two new ones now and they are really relaxing to watch.

7. What are your favourite past times with your pets?
Sammi & Bruce - going through the long grass in our field. 
Lulu - going walkies on her lead because the dogs won't do it :P!!!
Toothless - feeding Toothless is quite entertaining.
Dave, Stuart & Jasper - watching them.

8. Nicknames for your pets? 
Sammi - Sam Sam, Sams, Sammy Wammy.
Bruce - Brucey Wousey
Lulu - Schnuckums, Lous, 
Toothless - Toothless
Dave - Dave
Stuart - Stuart
Jasper - Jasper

All of my pets mean the world to me and I honestly can't think about moving and leaving them or living without them, but I've lost many pets too and they will always stay in my heart, always.



  1. OMG your pets!!!!!!!!!! They are adorable *____* I love cats and dogs and once I own a house, I'm gonna get both lol I've always wanted to have a black or grey cat and a husky ^^

    1. Awww I know :p
      When you get them, let me know :p There are a lot of huskies around Ireland in pounds and rescue centres now :( And you can find cats everywhere here. There is a serious feral problem. That's why all mine are neutered. I don't know what it's like in your country but hopefully it's better than here :)