Tuesday, 15 September 2015

One by Sarah Crossan Launch Party

One by Sarah Crossan Launch Party

On Thursday last week - September 10th 2015 - I decided to trek up to Dublin for Sarah Crossan's One Launch Party!! It was held by Easons in their O Connell Street Store, which is huge!! Seriously, I'm from down the country so coming to Dublin to Easons is awesome. The store is so much bigger and so better stocked than my usual Eason outlets so of course I bought 'some' books, which ya'll can see at the end of the month in my wrap up. And I gawked at a Batman Christmas Jumper for ages! I will have thee, but just not yet...

Pictured above are the poster and then the display that I was greeted by when I entered the Department 51 section of Easons. Isn't it just gorgeous. The book itself is gorgeous but come on, that display just looks so well, with the posters and different display of hardcover and paperback books!

Easons kindly offered champagne (I'm not a drinker, so I didn't have any) and an arrange of sweets for all of us who attended while we waited for Sarah Crossan to come and begin the launch party. I went to this on my own. My Dad drove me up to Dublin and then he had some shopping to do so I was in Easons alone but I made some awesome new friends who were also at the launch party. We're all meeting up again at the next signings to come so you'll hear more then :P

Once Sarah Crossan arrived the launch began and it began with Sarah Bannan, the author who wrote Weightless (which I am now very intrigued to read by the way) saying some absolutely amazing and heartwarming things about Sarah Crossan's book One and about Sarah Crossan herself!.
Then Sarah came up and talked all about her book, mentioned a load of people and thanked them all and read a small excerpt from her book, One. The excerpt is the poem entitled The Reader (page 159 in the paperback edition) if ya'll want to check it out!  

Then came the signing!! I had already owned One and had read it just the week before. It is a fantastic book, my review will be posted soon. So I got that book signed. I also asked Sarah to sign my copies of Breathe and Resist and I had also bought Apple and Rain while I was up there to also get signed! So in total I got four books signed by the wonderful Sarah Crossan! And a picture taken too :P

And that is all! A fantastic night was had and Sarah Crossan is just a lovely, truly inspiring author and I am so glad that I met her!


  1. Oh wow, it is so cool that you were able to be there! I do want to read One by her because the idea of conjoined twins in a YA novel is not usual, and then I also really do like the idea of it being in verse as well. It will be a very unique read. But so glad to hear about the event and see you had a wonderful time!

    1. It was great and the book is amazing! I should have a review up for it soon, I've fallen a bit behind on them again :/ Thank you :)