Friday, 29 August 2014

Day and Night Tag

Day and Night Tag

I was tagged to do this tag by the wonderful BookingAwesome!! First time I was ever tagged to do a tag!!! Wow there is a lot of 'tag' right there....
So here is the Tag, simply you answer the questions and the start letter spells DAY AND NIGHT if you read it down :)

Do you read more in the morning or the night? 
Actually I'm more productive in the mornings because once I get tired, that's it I can't read anything...But with college just around the corner, the nights will become my best reading buddy.

Are there books that changed the way you thought about things?
I'm going to say, yes, there have been. My mentality has changed greatly because of books. I've learned how short life is, how not to dwell, or regret, or be angry or sad for longer than necessary, but to enjoy life as much as possible. 

YA or not? 
Hello?? My blog is called the "YA Bookaholic". Anyway, yes, of course, YA, all the way. I've actually only ever read few adult books, ok maybe one and that was 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold (Review to come soon!!) and I really want to read 'A Game of Thrones' but I think that is about it that is non-YA.

Are there characters you honestly believe are real? 
I wish they were real!! Does that count?? In my fantasies book character are real....Okay!!

Nobody touches your books or I don't mind lending them out?
Nobody!!! Nobody!! TOUCHES. MY. BOOKS. I learned the hard way about lending out books. I lent a book I loved to a friend. It was actually Maureen Johnson's 'The Name of the Star'. I loved that book. And it's gone!! Poof!! My book, just gone!! So now I have to go get it again...

Do you ever smell your books? 
I admit, sometimes I do. If I get a new book, yes. What I love the most though, is walking into a bookstore and just getting that book smell. It's heaven!!

Not everyone loves books...Is this a positive or negative?
Meh, everyone has their own tastes. I grew up for a while being the only bookworm until I made awesome new friends two years ago who share my bookworm passion!!

I keep my books in the best condition...or maybe not? 
Do you know me??? I am the person who in a bookstore will search through all the books to make sure there are no marks on the one that I get so yes, I have to have my books in the best condition. A small bit of comfort wear is alright, but nothing major. No rips or tears or stains or creases, nothing like that...

Gosh, I have too many books! True or False! 
Never enough!! But ya, I have over 160 books on my shelves and well I'm running out of shelf space and money so I've tortured myself into selling some books that I read and didn't like or that I know I won't read again. I's killing me :'(

Have you ever spilled or stained your books before with something, and if so, how?

Toned or untoned while reading? Aka do you work out and read at the same time?
That would never work out for me!! (Get it, Get it, work out, ya)

So that's the tag, and if any of you guys want to do it go do it!!! :D


  1. I feel you girl!! I hate when books are in bad conditions and I do spend most of the time in a bookstore finding a copy that is in perfect shape rather than finding different books... it drives my friends crazy but my mother is kind of amused by it hahahaha

    I might do this tag in the near future, if you don't mind =)

    1. Ya!! I can't stand it!! Haha ya I can spend hours in a bookshop doing that :p
      Of course!! Go for it :D Let me know when you do it :)

  2. I was looking at your post and I was wondering why the letters were so big compared to the others..... But then I got it and I was like "OH!!!"
    I think I'm lucky because everyone seems to have a bad history with lending out books, but when I do it they always come back in good condition. Maybe that's because I only lend them to my family and they're as careful as I am... But still. I feel lucky.
    And I always search for books in pristine condition in bookstores too... So I spend a lot of time there. That kind of annoys everyone. But, what can I say? I'm not going to buy a scratched book when I buy it new!