Friday, 1 August 2014

July 2014 Wrap Up

July 2014 Wrap Up

Hey guys!!! This is the first time I've done a wrap up at the end of the month and so what I'm going to post up here is a recap on what I read for the month along with a link to the reviews, another recap on what books I got during the month, a little summary of any book or author event I was at along with the link to the full post and of course the progress I am making or ruining on shortening that lengthy to be read pile I have in my room!!

What Was Read:

*Reviews for Where She Went, Shadow and Bone and Prodigy will be posted this week.*

What Was Bought:


Unfortunately, I was at no events this month. I wished I was at Comic Con though!!! :p

To Read Pile Progress:

I only bought 1 book which helped greatly and I finished 6 books so at the moment I have 139 books in my room waiting to be read!!


  1. Wow, I really like your new header!
    You read Where She Went! Did you like it?
    I loved Shadow and Bone, I read it this month too. I haven't had time to read Sea of Shadows yet though, but I still plan on reading it soon!

    (By the way, I received Silver Shadows this morning!! Did you get a chance to buy it?)

  2. Thank you!!! I used picmonkey to do it. I wanted a change :p
    I loved it!! It was so heart wrenching...I'm going to be posting my review of it today actually :)
    Ya, Shadow and Bone was amazing. Leigh Bardugo is coming to Ireland on the 22nd but I can't go...It's killing me!!!
    Tell me when you do read it :) I want to know what you think of it :p
    Oh my God, I went to my bookstore the day of the release but it wasn't there and then I went in yesterday and they still didn't have it!! So I'm still waiting unfortunately.....
    Have you started it yet????? :)

    1. You did a good job, it's really pretty!
      Oh! Well, I look forward to reading it!
      Ugh, that sucks.. There's really no way for you to go?
      Yes, I'll tell you :)
      I hope you get your hands on it soon! It's great!
      Yes, I actually finished it like one hour ago!!

    2. Ahhh was it really good?????

    3. In my opinion, two thirds of it are really, really great, and the rest was not that great, but still quite good