Thursday, 7 August 2014

Teaser Tuesday #8

Teaser Tuesday #8

This meme is hosted by MizB at ShouldBeReading and what's involved is that you pick up the book you're currently reading, flip to a random page and write down a little teaser. 

And this week's book is....
All Our Yesterdays 
by Cristin Terrill

"I blow the director a kiss as best I can without the use of my hands. I know very well that the moment I tell them where the documents are, my last bargaining chip is gone. That I have that information and they don't is the only thing that's kept Finn and me alive this long." - Chapter 2

"I guess she's right. I have come a long way. James used to be my only real friend at Sidwell, until the stupid genius graduated when I was still thirteen and left me stranded. But then Tamsin and Sophie took me under their wing, and now everyone turns their heads when I walk into a room." - Chapter 4

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