Thursday, 26 June 2014

Book Review - The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

The Fiery Heart 

(Bloodlines #4)

Author: Richelle Mead

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Vampire, Romance

Published: November 19th 2013

Pages: 420 pages (Paperback Edition) (Penguin)

Read: June 2014

Rating: 5 Stars


Sydney always believed that alchemists were born to protect vampire secrets and human lives - until she met Marcus and turned her back on everything she once knew.

But she's not free yet. When her sister Zoe arrives, Sydney can only tell her half-truths about her past. And with every word she risks exposure - and the fatal consequences.

Consumed by passion and vengeance, Sydney must choose her path once and for all. Even if that means harnessing her magical powers to destroy the way of life she was raised to defend...

The Fiery Heart is the fourth book in the Bloodlines series by the author Richelle Mead. In this book we follow the antics and discoveries of the two main characters Sydney and Adrian - each having their own point of view.

The plot of The Fiery Heart is very captivating as the novel goes on. We see the recap of the previous books in the first few chapters along with some extra background information. I feel that at the beginning the plot was a bit slow but after finishing the book, I realised it was all a build up to the end and it worked perfectly. I can't necessarily talk about the plot without giving away major spoilers, but I can tell you this, in the last few chapters, there is a tremendous twist that leaves you gripping your chair with your heart pounding in your chest. That is how intense it is.

The characters are as lovable as ever, bar one (people who've read the book, you know who I'm talking about!!) One thing with Richelle Mead's story telling is that constantly, throughout all the book, we get deeper and deeper into the minds of the characters. We learn secrets, desires, fears ... everything, as the story continues to unfurl. These characters grow in every way possible in your heart and it is not just the main characters - Sydney and Adrian - but also the side ones, Eddie, Angeline, Jill, Neil, Trey. I can feel that this book and the next - Silver Shadows - is going to ultimately test the strength of all the characters as a massive turning point heads for them. 
I have a crackpot theory, perhaps it will happen, perhaps not. But, I decided to write down this theory on a scrap of paper right now and on the release date of Silver Shadows I will post a picture of this scrap of paper to see if my theory was completely off the board. If you guys want to participate in this, do!! Write on a piece of paper what you think will happen and then when I post the post for Silver Shadows release comment a picture of what you wrote and we'll see who is in the same mindset as Richelle Mead.

Now, to what I liked about The Fiery Heart - everything!! Well, that is very broad, but seriously the book is amazing and it is much easier to say what I didn't like than what I did.

So, what I didn't like. There was just one thing, well actually two. 
Number one, was that in some parts the story became really slow with nothing happening. But these parts were few and far apart.
Number two, a certain character. Ya'll know who it is and if you don't here are some clues...
The clues - it's a girl, she's new to the story, she's an Alchemist and is the biological sister of our main character - well done!! - you guessed it - Zoe!!!
She has made my blood boil and she continues to make my blood boil.

The ending of The Fiery Heart is practically a cliffhanger. It is an ending where you are left yearning for more and contemplating how the hell it will all turn out with your heart wrenching in your chest. And that, my friends, sums up the ending of 'The Fiery Heart'

As a round up, I loved this book, just like I loved all it's predecessors. This one had me in a range of emotions, from complete happiness to deep heart wrenching sadness. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves the 'Vampire Academy' series and to all paranormal and romance lovers.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR SILVER SHADOWS!!! (that just had to be said)

So guys, what do you think of the review? and more importantly what did you think of The Fiery Heart??? Or for those who haven't read it, are you planning to?

Some of My Favourite Quotes:
(I'll post these up soon when I find the paper I wrote them on!!!)


  1. I loved your review :) Zoe infuriated me too, if I could've gone inside of the story and just ripped her head off, I wouldn't have hesitated one second.
    And see, I told you it was amazing!

    1. Thank you!!! I know she was such a b**ch!! I wonder what's going to happen with her :/
      You did!!! :D You were right :p

    2. I loved your review!
      I hope Zoe's going down. Like, even if she dies, I don't care, because she deserves it. At this point, I don't even want her to realize that she was wrong, I only want her to suffer (I'm horrible)

    3. I feel the exact same way :p