Sunday, 1 June 2014

Shelf Candy Saturday #3

Shelf Candy Saturday #3

This meme involves you to post up one extraordinary book cover a week with if possible some information on how the book cover was made and is hosted by A Night's Dream of Books.

Shelf Candy Number 3 is .......



I had just discovered this book last week and it was mentioned in my Friday Finds #1, and then I went to my local book shop and BAM!!, there was Sea of Shadows in a different cover and I was standing there like, wow, this cover is absolutely amazing. In my personal taste I think this cover is waaay more scrumptious than the previous one and I stood there in the shop, staring at this book, waging a war in my head of - will I get it, won't I get it.... 

You can guess which side won!!

Yup, I grabbed the book and raced to the counter and bought it and it is now sitting proudly on my shelf beside last week's Shelf Candy - Allies and Assassins.

So guys let me know what you think of this cover? :) Which cover do you prefer?

And for reference here is the first cover I saw:

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