Sunday, 1 June 2014

Shelf Candy Saturday #2

Shelf Candy Saturday #2

This meme involves you to post up one extraordinary book cover a week with if possible some information on how the book cover was made and is hosted by A Night's Dream of Books.

My Shelf Candy No. 2 is........



Well, I chose this cover because I have a complete fascination with anyone who looks like an assassin and boy doesn't this guy??? What with his cross bow and hooded face. I love it!! I also loved the style of writing along with the orange symbol that is behind it. This cover, to me, just screams pick me up, take me home, I am awesome and so I did. I shall admit I bought this book and brought it home just on the cover. I still haven't read the back blurb or anything about this book yet and I probably won't until I start reading it, which will be soon. VERY Soon!!So that's it guys. I hope you like my choice :)

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